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Author of Andromeda Dates Susanna de Chenonceau

Welcome to Andromeda Dates

At Andromeda Dates, we're creating a brave place to explore ideas about finding and building love in a world beyond the patriarchy. What does that mean? It means stepping up to claim liberated love where men and women come together as a team of healthy equals.

 I want to encourage people to communicate, to lay down shame, and to live as full humans experiencing and expressing the full spectrum of human emotions while simultaneously controlling no one.

Author of Andromeda Dates Susanna de Chenonceau

Andromeda Dates is inspired by conversations with very dear younger friends, one 35 and one 18, who came to me when I was almost 50 and asked what they should be looking for in a partner.


I write as a woman who has dated men for 35 years; by dated I mean loved, dated, lived with, and even married--as well as divorced, twice.


My research comes from the fact that I realized my relationships were failing because I was living as a liberated woman but still trying to date and love on an outdated, sexist paradigm. It's been a bumpy road, but my faith in love and humanity and the Divine still holds.

I hope you will join me on a journey of discovery of life, love, and dating beyond the patriarchy.

Susanna de Chenonceau

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A love of many life times

"My spiritual story means I must tell you how my feet feel as soon as I step there, in France, how my lungs exhale so deeply of rest at once, and how my eyes grow wider taking in every sight simultaneously, because I am home."

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