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Ara and the Dead Feminists 


Ara Delfinos is shocked to meet her beloved Gran three days after Gran's funeral, but when Gran tells Ara that they are both LightSeers, and that the gift skips generations, Ara's life is about to change: Ara can talk to the Dead. 


By touching a place or possession attached to the energy of a Dead person, Ara learns that she can call them. But who will she choose to talk to as she preps for an upcoming NPR interview on her research on the trials of modern love? Why are men and women having such a difficult time finding one another in this tech era? 


To seek answers, Ara heads back to Oxford and Cambridge to question seminal thinkers. Along the way she discovers that sinister spirits called Etall are out to stop and silence her work as she races from Seattle, to England, France, and NYC.


Some of the dead are fun, some are intimidating, and some of them just want to sing Broadway, but can they help her save love? 

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